Privacy Policy

This is all about how we interact with users through your activities in our web site through your session. Once you visit and browse through our web site, we keep track of your experience with and make ourselves better and improved when you visit us next time. This is the only purpose we collect your browsing interests. We no where misuse if you provide your email address, name etc in contact form. We just keep it securely with us and send some interested stuff when ever you wish to. We may add or change the privacy policy instructions, you please read this page when ever you want to. We have cookie management too.

We use this technique for better use experience all the time. We also include google adsence program that presents relevant ads in between the content. Those ads displayed as per your searches and interests in the browser. We provide some links that redirect you to other web pages. That are live at that point of time we have given a link in we are not guaranty on when the web site down & up. It is completely depend on the site that we refer to. So understand that fact and please he;lp us in improving the web site. If you have any kind of issues with the content or images, links etc, please contact us immediately. Our team will communicate and resolve the matter immediately.