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Terms & conditions are only to convey couple of important things to note by all the users & visitors or other web masters and bloggers. We request & warn all the users or visitors of this blog should not copy or theft this content or images or any other information provided here in this web site irio.in. We do not allow any of you to steal our hard work in any format. Some of the important terms & conditions mentioned below.

– We are here to present the job & education, career information. We may change or the web sites where we collect the information may change without any notice. So we correct or change the same in our web site too or may not change at all. So we can not inform you on all these changes.

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– Any damage or stealing of data is offence and criminal act. So please do help us to give more creative work to the needy youngsters instead of spoiling our intentions.

– All materials and trade marks or images used at our web site are designed by us & our partners. Those are not the final and there may be some errors in any graphics etc. So we change them if we find the same. Some other terms will be added soon. We hope you have a better user experience.